Mayan Readings

Every reading is unique and special and as more open you are as more information can come through me in order to assist & support you. One of my request is, to provide you with a understanding why things happens how there are happening in your life and how you can create a life in alignment with your higher self and you personal life purpose. In order to do so, are my tools the Mayan Astrology and some other knowledge, but also my tools are my empathy and my study in channeling.

In a Mayan Astrology reading you will gain on:

  1. Become inspired by understanding your personality, your traits, your potentials and your true character > this will help you to manage & change your life in a successful way.
  2. Receive insight about your personal challenges > this will help you understand how to thrive and create harmony.
  3. Become motivated to create & reach your higher aims.
  4. Learn to understand your moods & feelings and how to avoid the traps these can create.
  5. Gain insight into the personality of people you attract and your personal way of connecting & reflection with them.

What’s going on in Partnerships – Friendships & Workmates … relationships?

  1. You can see clearly your part and the other’s part in a relationship at home or in the workplace.
  2. You will learn to understand your partner, family, mates…
  3. You realize how to be in a harmonious and successful way of being together.

The traditional MAYAN Astrology can give
you insight into your being & guide you to
understand and use your inner strength.

Of course, the advices always take into account your personal circumstances, both private and professional issues are under discussion to clarify and shed the light onto your abilities and skills.

We will explore the aspects of your childhood and what kind of tasks and responsibilities you have had to master? Those resolved tasks assist and pushes you throughout your life.

What are your duties and responsibilities, your goals? The chart also plays out your external world / people / situations … and how you influence and use this tool for the good in your life? The chart further shows up your inner world, the world of your feelings – so that you can understand yourself better.

The reading will encourage you to create for yourself a meaningful and a joyful life, to step here and now into a enriched wonderful life here on earth.

The reading and advices will be done very intuitive and individually, completely tailored what your higher self loves to tell you. The reading will also identify new ways or encourage you to use your already chosen path.

I am very excited about our conversation in order to respond to your personal questions and let my intuition (which I have refined in my channel course) lead our consulting. Thank you for the great joy to share my wisdom with you.

Price for a 2 hours consultation: $ 100 or $ 60 for 1 hour
Duration: 1 or 2 hours, including calculation and a graphical data – personal tree of life – for better understanding and remembering.

It will take only one consultation with me, because I tell you everything that I know about your personal tree of life.

If the way to Bondi/Sydney is too far I can offer you a telephone or Skype / FaceTime consultation, even to all over the world (in English & German language).

Tree of Life