Christa Kalteis or guatemaltecan: “Kristita”

Traditional Maya Nahuale: 8 B’AATZ (Chuen) & Maya calendar guardian astrologer

Here you will find an excerpt from my workshops and training courses where I have attended, however I believe that: life is the greatest teacher himself. Conscious life to be in the here and now. and all that to fathom, question and value who & what we met in our life in order to arrive in our deep inner space of love, peace and harmony in relation to ourselves & everyone in our environment.

  • 2015 Bachelor of Humanitarian and Community Studies at Charles Darwin University in Darwin
  • 2013 Student of BA in Social Science / Arts at Australian Catholic University in Melbourne
  • 2012 Diploma in Liberal Studies at Australian Catholic University in Sydney & Melbourne
  • Since 1998 I did some courses with different teachers from Germany, Austria, Mexico and Hawaii on shamanism; Hawaiian Huna teachings; Yesirah time stamp by Werner Neuner and Mayan wisdome, Mayan cosmology & the traditional Mayan Astrology with different teachers & shamans.
  • 2001 education trip to Mexico to the ancient places of power of the Maya culture.
  • 2009 and twice in 2010 education trips to Guatemala through the whole country to the extant Maya and the ancient Mayan sites.
  • Training: channeling in the center of multidimensional light work in Munich.
  • Training: Daykeeper / Daily guardian by Dr. Carl Callemann (scientist & author).
  • Seminars in the Mayan calendar and Mayan Astrology / Spiritual Healing / Hermetic basics with Kurt Richard Walchensteiner.
  • 2013 Hawaiian ancient & sacred teachings of Aloha by Mana O Kahiko in Sydney


My “work”

I am a traditional Mayan Astrologist.

I am a builder of bridges and a weaver in time & space. I build a bridge between Mayan ancient spiritual wisdom and my studies at CDU in Indigenous culture / Humanitarian and Community-Social Work and at ACU Melbourne about modern social science. Further I build a bridge between Australians and Guatemala throughout Mayan shamanic journeys, what I did 2010 & 2011 as I brought Europeans to Guatemala.

I offer Mayan Astrology readings and workshops to provide you with a beautiful tool in order to build a bridge between you and your higher & true self, your skills and your traits. My aim is to make you aware about your freedom to take responsibility for your life & create consciously happiness & and choose the path of excitement in your life.

Since 2000 I am a well known Mayan Astrologist and author in German speaking countries. However I follow my inner truth and my intuition, what brought me in March 2011 to the home country of my heart to Australia during the last years I moved quiet a bit due to my pursue to study from different points of views about Australia’s contemporary society. For that reason I moved to Melbourne and than to Darwin after finishing my degree I moved back to south Queensland for a year and now back to Sydney where I started 5 years earlier.

As you could see beside my four journeys to Central America, I studied with indigenous and non-indigenous teachers: Mayan cosmology & day-keeper, Hawaiian Ho’oponopono, channelling & light work, metaphysics & sacred geometry…

As a skilled practitioner of Mayan Astrology I apply ancient Mayan cosmology with the knowledge of social science study and the knowledge of metaphysics together with my talent of channelling tailored to your needs.

If you are interested in personal readings but you live far away from Sydney, I am happy to give you a reading via mobile/skype or even I love to travel to you if you gather about 8 participants for intense readings together.

These readings can further expand with the aim to introduce harmony and mutual understanding in relationships with your partner, family, friends, work colleagues and more.

Relationship & group dynamics in workforce

Furthermore I offer for company’s to have a look into their department and employees skills. I search for their professional skills and what skills needs a development in order to provide a good work outcome. In my consultation I elaborate how employees work most efficiently with each other together and who has to carry what kind of task within the team. Also consultation for important dates can be provided in order to create harmony between the corresponding daily energy and the daily task, this is also part of my duties.


In workshops I share my Mayan astrology knowledge and I have great pleasure to hold talks about the Mayan astrology, about 2012, and the prophecies of the Mayan shamans or about my trips to Guatemala and share some of my photos. Further you can find me special events as a reader such as at the CPC expo in Wollongong & Canberra.

Sacred journeys to Central America

One of the most loved things I have done, was to organized special shamans & education trips to the sacred Mayan sites in Guatemala / Mexico / Honduras. Just this job provides me the greatest pleasure to be here to build the bridges to the land of the ancient Mayan civilization and open people to showcase the beauty of Central America, such as the colorful markets, the fascinating nature and jungle trekking, or the most beautiful city in which I was allowed to see each: Antigua , not to mention …… the legendary Mayan sites often in conjunction with a shaman ritual and some other things more. Personal development is guaranteed.

Guatemala-shaman  Guatemala-Jose

Particularly dear to my heart is to collect donations for a Guatemalan school in Antigua. In this school attend kids from one-parent mothers and the poorest families, my groups will spend a few unforgettable hours in the school and receive an incredible gratitude of the children. I work with the Mayan calendar and for me it is important to be ethical, to provide some support for today’s living descendants of the Mayan civilization, part of this is to collect donations and a other part is to provide the opportunity to bring tourists in this beautiful part of the world.

My path to the Maya

As a child, since I can remember, I felt more than Indigenous as “white” and I always wanted to support indigenous people of these countries in terms of helping people help themselves. So I have always been interested for people from all over the world and read a lot about history. I was told in a channeling from my spirit guide, I would find parts of myself in the mysterious world of the Mayans and so I looked for everything there was to read about the Maya civilization and came across on the Mayan calendar. First, I’m stuck in the system by Jose Arguelles / Dreamspell, but I then found out that this is an American modern-system and is not related to the indigenous people of Central America, so I kept myself on the researching for the traditional wisdome.


Since I started working with the Traditional Mayan Calendar and the Mayan astrology, many things have changed in my life for the better. I’m getting more like journey into the deep of the calendar system and at the same time realize how infinitely and unimaginably everything is intertwined. This fantastic weave fathom would probably take some life to complete. Again and again it happened to me that I am at events or appointments and often afterwards I look it up on the calendar and in front of me unfolds a fascinating weaving pattern.

For the past 7 years, I wrote and edit the traditional Mayan calendar and I wrote a book about the 20 holy days guardians (or Nahuales/Nawales called in Guatemalan), In my own shop I offered back in Germany specific books on the Mayan theme, the Mayan calendar and the time change 2012, also special music, movies or the 20 holy signs processed in Jewelry Pendants and more. However I would love to develop this field again here in Australia.

For all who want to know a little more about me, here’s a summary of my life

As a descendent of hundreds of years old Austrian farmers family, I was born in Germany/Bavaria under difficult family circumstances and was allowed to wander through many experiences of darkness, like many others of us too. Yes, and so was a part of my life dominated by the old ways of thinking, and I thought I having to set up my life in a unobtrusive way to merge into the bourgeois mass of the German society. But with time moved on I emerged at first as the “Elfe / fairy” out of the mass in mediaeval markets.

Miteralterfest Mondsee-sm Elfenlachen

But I listened to my inner calling and wander now the road of my true self, regardless of the opinions of others and look confidently into the future. I see it as my primary task “to be happy” and I do my best to perceive happiness and encourage and share it with other people.

1996 & 2001 I become a mother of two beautiful daughters and those live with my Ex-husband in Germany. However I live since March 2011 in Australia and study at the ACU University the BA of social science and got a Diploma of Liberal studies.

I would describe the time since the start of 2010 as a metaphor like this

With my 3rd journey to the center of the earth, as it is said to Guatemala also, I jumped out of an infinitely high cliff into the nothingness. It was clear from the very beginning that this is a leap into a fog-shrouded river. I jumped and have had no idea where into the only thing what I knew was to follow my inner calling. Well, after the jump I knew my life would change in all aspects, but I did not really know what I was getting myself into. Many things happened and I went through massive pain since 2009 but right now I am so glad and grateful about all experiences what I choose to go through and lead me into a beautiful life full of opportunities and into a state of trust and peace.

In Lak’ech Ala K’in (I am you and you are me, I say hello to the god in you and in me)