Traditional Mayan Astrology

Hola my friend and welcome to my beloved Mayan Astrology webpage

music by my friends Balanza

You are just entered the sacred world of the ancient Mayan wisdom & I would love to share a precious tool or a key to you’re personal way of being in our wonderful world.

Song of the Mayan

Balam Quitzé Eii, Eii Balom Ahau.

Thank you Heart of Heaven, thank you Mother Earth, Thank you heart of the air, thank youyou heart of the water and thanks to all my brothers and sisters, will the he Creator leads us and guides us individually everyone of us. THANK YOU!

It is very important for me to share my knowledge with interested people in some ways, such as readings, workshops and talks all over Australia or on festivals e.g. the ‘seven sisters festival’.

The Mayan Astrology provide an invaluable tool that can assists you in your life and you can rely on again and again.

As more I looked into the Mayan Astrology since 1999, as more I recognised the complex interconnectedness of the Mayan calendar system, it opened up my perspectives and point of views. On the other hand I am more and more aware that, this system is in itself is so perfect and need a lifetime of study to be capable of the whole system. However to me, it give me the key of what is the subject and what needs to be done in life. I feel blessed in realising, how awesome life writes his own stories.


With the Mayan calendar I keep an invaluable tool in my hands and I am deeply happy to share it with you. May it will encourage you for new actions in your life or just confirm and make understand your actions, for your self. It also may provide you with a deeper understanding for your family, friends, and workmates …

By knowing your heart nawal (also your birth or sun sign) and your Mayan tree of life / Mayan cross, according to the traditional Mayan calendar, you will recognize your tasks in life and integrate them as a part of your life path. However the predominant task of everyone, it is to be HAPPY and the findings of the astrological consultation will help you define your life according to your ability to make it joyful. If you know  your dominant personality traits and you as much as possibly integrate those traits in your lifestyle and in your actions you might register a development in your confidents and successfulness of your life.

The holy Tzolkin or Cholqui, consists of 20 sacred nawal’s these are called sacred creative energies or archetypes. All 20 sacred nawal’s together give the power of the Creator. It is desirable to develop all 20 qualities.

The 13 numbers represent the intention of the Creator, those provide the purpose of a sun sign, with what skills do you want to achieve what? Hence the possibilities inherit 260 (13 x 20) different combination in the sacred Tzolkin.

To be one a daily line with the Mayan – day energies of the Mayan calendar, actions and activities will be adjusted to more success, satisfaction and knowledge in life.

A sun sign / nawal is assigned with a wealth of features applied in duality. The challenging side is a big help, it is a tool to support and understand our self more easily and thereby preserve the possibility of loving transformation / conversion. Everyone lives his personal energy at a different level, the intention is to make the luminous aspects aware and activate it.

There are 13 x 20 creation intentions & creation energies - they can lead you in your personal life to be at the correct time on the correct location.

The birth energy are composed of five different parts, this structure is also called the Tree of Life or Mayan cross:

• The heart sign indicates what are the main traits are accompany you, what skills and potentials lie dormant in you’re personality and it provides you with the opportunity to turn those traits into a constructive force.

• The number shows you the intention and purpose of your sun sign and it is your driving force.

The 4 directions indicates following attributes:

* West & conception: the first tasks in life and push you from the past into your future.

* East & destination: in what direction will lead you your development, it is your orientation and pulls you throughout your life.

* North & left hand side: your female side with your intuition and your external reality.

* South & right hand side: your male side with your functioning in the material world to realise our internal reality.


This are some of my offerings:

A) Mayan Astrology workshop

You will gain much knowledge about the traditional Mayan astrology; furthermore you can experience how you get a better understanding about yourself, your family & friends … and at least this tools can provide you the opportunity to move with your skills into a flourishing state of a exciting life style.

In the workshop we will learn the Mayan astrology and their calculation, and about the sacred Tzolkin with the 20 archetypes and 13 numbers. You will also gain knowledge about the handling of the daily Mayan calendar, so you can plan your dates favorable to the daily energy and this will support your projects. We will explore the timeshift 2012 and what do the Mayans say about. Further we will do tow meditations and build to a Mayan altar.

The Mayan Astrology workshop takes 2 days. There are two ways to get on: 1) come to Melbourne or 2) if you got about 7 participants, then I am pleased to come in your hometown and as exchange for your work to invite the participants, you will get the workshop for free. Please calculate my travel expenses on top and divide it into the participants, or if you prefer an intensive single seminar, I am looking forward to welcome you in my home in Sydney.

Price for the 2 days workshop: $ 240
Concession: 10% off

B) Relationship workshop

At first it will be create a graphical chart with the tree of life of all members of the department. So we can look into the relationship and tasks between work colleagues. We elaborate, regarding to everyone’s personal tree of life, the position and the tasks in the work community of the members. Furthermore it will be looked into their practical skills and we create a deep understanding and empathy between the whole group.

Price can be negotiated.

C) Family / Friends Relationship workshop

Also here we will draw a graphical tree of life chart of all members of the family or group of friends/housemates. To look and explore the relationships and tasks between the members of a group. In my experience it releases a lot of tension as soon we are able to understand our family/friends why there are acting so differently to ourselves or we are able to understand in what various ways we are so similar. Understanding and empathy of each other is the aim of this workshop in order to support each other.

Price for the one day workshop: $ 130 per adult member & $ 75 per kid + travel expenses.


The talk will be highly individualized according to the ideas and wishes of the organizers. It is a pleasure for me to speak about various themes of the Mayan cosmology.

Such as:

  • Traditional Mayan Astrology & Mayan Calendar Systems.
  • 2012 and the time shift into the new dawn and the 5th sun cycle.
  • How does the descendants of the Mayan society live today.
  • Travelogue of Guatemala and Latin America, with countless photos – fundraiser for the children of Guatemala …..

Personal readings

Readings can be given in personal (Sydney) or via Skype / FaceTime the average time is 60 minutes for $60